Around Ireland in 34 days

I leave for Ireland 9/7/22, connecting in Iceland so 2nd “visit” in a year there, and get back on 10/11!

The 1st two weeks I’m doing via motorcycle 9/11 – 9/27, 1st few days I’m staying Dublin before I head out around all of Ireland. I’ve started to post pictures of the route days on Facebook here. Then last two weeks I currently have NO PLANs!

I booked the motorcycle tour tour Lemon Rock Bike Tours. They provided me this itinerary: Round Ireland, which with the draft data comes out to about 3,400km\2,220 miles. 66 hours of seat time and at least 64 hours of checking stuff out.

Ireland trip: (In Microsoft OneNote)
Route data details here: 2022 Ireland.xlsx
Google maps list of places & things to see:

I’ll update this post most more probably a bit, then after I’m done make one about the trip. I’m only have my cell phone, so doubtful I’ll be posting here during the trip. I will be posting to the public 2022 Ireland photo album every so often for sure.

  1. 9/8 – 9/11 Dublin
  2. 9/11 Trim Castle
  3. 9/12 Kilkenny (Newgrange, Kilkenny Castle)
  4. 9/13 Kinsale
  5. 9/14 Kenmare (South West Cork)
  6. 9/15-16 Dingle Peninsula\Killarney
  7. 9/17 Dingle\Kerry Highlands
  8. 9/18-19 Spanish Point & Aran Islands
  9. 9/20 Westport (Connemara National Park)
  10. 9/21 Sligo (Aughris Head\Achill Island)
  11. 9/22 Donegal (Lough Eske Castle)
  12. 9/23 Downings Bay
  13. 9/24-25 Belfast
  14. 9/26 Trim (Strangford & Carlingford  ferries)

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