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Two-way Sync with Excel 2007 and SharePoint 2007 requires this add-in

In Excel 2003 you could edit a SharePoint list using Excel.  For some reason, probably because they are trying to push users to use Access for this now, Microsoft dropped two-way sync support in Excel 2007.  This ability was listed as … Continue reading

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Exchange, SharePoint, and Outlook 2007 articles

I’ve talked to a few technical friends of mine in the last few weeks about Exchange 2007 and SharePoint 2007. Most of them haven’t had the time to spend with either of these products since they were release, which was … Continue reading

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After 11 YEARS! has been upgraded to SharePoint 2007 was first brought on-line in late 1996.  The domain was registered on 11/16/1996.  The initial background graphic was saved on 9/5/1996, so I started on the page sometime before then.  At some point a counter was added; it was … Continue reading

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Just got done upgrade to SharePoint 2007…

My blog will be fixed shortly.  The custom blog add-on I was using for SP03 doesn’t work with SP07.  SP07 also includes it’s own blog support.

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