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Script: Get Exchange 2007, 2010, & 2013 roles, version, and update rollup info

I first came across this code on Jeff Guillet’s blog here, which the source came from Paul Falherty’s blog initially, back in 2009 for Exchange 2007. Mark E. Smith also had code with a slight modification for Exchange 2010 posted here. Today … Continue reading

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Script: Get mailbox and AD info and export it to a CSV file

When doing mailbox migrations it essential to know some information about the mailboxes for migration planning. When working with clients on migrations I provide a spread sheet that lets them assign users to “Move Groups” and set the target database. … Continue reading

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Script to return smallest Exchange MBX DB size

I had a client ask me to create a mailbox creation script that would create new mailboxes on the smallest DB in the US. After doing a bit of research and running into some issue with the Get-MailboxDatabase cmdlet returining … Continue reading

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Script to reassign mailbox to a new user

In some organizations when a user leaves the company or is moved to a new role their existing mailbox needs to be reassigned to their replacement. In other words, the mailbox belongs to the role and not the person. If … Continue reading

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Script: Get transaction log count (EXCollect)

7/21 Update:  I’ve created a wiki page for this script: http://info.izzy.org/Wiki/EXCollect.aspx go here for the latest info.  I’ve also renamed the script to "EXCollect" 🙂   At my new company (Mimosa Systems) we have a sizing XLS that we use to … Continue reading

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