Don’t buy a Sirius S50 (Portable music player)

This thing just plain SUCKS!
I ordered one for myself so I could give Chrissy my Sirius Replay receiver.  The S50 allows you to record satellite music and shows and copy MP3\WMA files to it when docked.  When un-docked you can listen to any saved content, up to 50 hrs.
This sounded great so that is why I got it.
Well the device SUCKS, here’s why:
  1. Usability is TERRIBLE
    • Totally non-intuitive
    • Can’t do some things that you should be able to
  2. Losses antenna signal and have to re-dock if it gets a good bump
  3. Can’t delete songs you don’t like from "My Stations", feature that lets you save hours of on station so you can listen to it off-line
  4. Software required to copy your MP3s to the device doesn’t let you group, filter, rate, or easily manage the content to copy to the device
  5. Can’t add "My Songs", songs recorded from the satellite, to play lists
  6. Auto cuts off when you pause the device, even though that feature says it’s disabled in device config
  7. Navigation controls on the device also suck
  8. VERY BAD FM out, until you remove the "FM Antenna out plug, undocumented feature"
  9. About impossible to stop a scheduled recording once it starts
  10. If you undock it during a scheduled recording it erases the entire recording
  11. If the device cuts off or you exit a recorded shows while listen to it your place is lost.  So if you have a 4hr show recorded (like Howard Stern) you have to start at the beginning and hold down the fast forward button (which goes by 5 secs at a time) until you get to where you left off!

I’ve called Sirius and was referred to their eCommerce #, 800-422-7142, but I needed my order # which is back in CO.  But I am able to return the device and get a refund for it an the service I haven’t used yet.

Update: 1/8/07: Called Sirius to get a refund on the S50.  They gave me an RMA # and I should get a refund for the device, service, and activation fee.

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