Update on my computer upgrade…

Update: 5/2/09

Upgraded to Windows 7 RC today (blog post).

Last weekend I removed the 250GB system drive I was using and replaced it with a pair of 150GB drives in a RAID1.  I split the RAID into 2 partitions, 50GB for XP x86 and 100GB for Windows 7.

This worked out great for the install of Windows 7.  So now I have XP & Windows 7 fully setup.  When the RTM comes out I will redo the entire drive with just Windows 7 since it will include a single VM for XP 🙂

Update: 3/10/09

System is still running great, I’m going to rebuild it around Windows 7 when the RC comes out.

So the motherboard from my 1st set of parts was DOA.  decided to return the case, cooling fan, and power supply. already gotten a refund for the motherboard and NewEgg is going to give me a full refund and cover shipping on the other parts.  I may have gotten a bad motherboard, but NewEgg was very helpful on working with me.

I’ve now gone with a Shuttle Prima XPC SX48P2-Deluxe case, PS, and MB combo.  Much smaller form factor then the monster case COOLER MASTER RC-690-KKN1-GP.  Less expandable, only 2 PCI-16 slots of which only one can be used with my video card. But it had on board wireless, sound card (I hope it’s OK), dual 1G NIC, 6 SATA, 1 Firewire port, so I think I will be fine.

I’m  currently setting up Windows XP (x86) and then will install Windows Vista x64 (on a separate drive).

Won’t have much time to work on it since I fly to Santa Clara tomorrow for a day trip then Chrissy & I are driving to TX for Thanskgiving week on Sat.  We are taking the dogs with and will drive back the weekend of 28th.

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