Google Earth, MapSource, and a GPS

Update 5/24/09: Created this GPS Wiki page with more info

Original post 4/5/09:
I just recently got a new GPS, Garmin eTrex Vista HCx, while there is nothing too spectacular about this GPS it met my criteria. The criteria were mainly based on my plans to use this GPS for off-road (4x4ing, dirt biking, hiking, and skiing): rugged, water proof/resistant, memory slot, color, high sensitivity, good ratings, and around $200. The primary purpose of this GPS was to track where I have been, where to go, and if needed find the best way back out quickly J

This weekend I gave my new GPS its first real test while skiing at Copper Mountain and Beaver Creek. What I found out the 1st evening was that the integration between MapSource and Google Earth was the thing that would amaze me. I’m not sure when Garmin added "View in Google Earth" but I LOVE IT! With a couple of clicks you can go from the boring 2D MapSource view to the rich 3D Google Earth view of your tracks, way points, routes, and lots of meta data from others. Using the mouse button and the SHIFT key you can zoom, spin, and fly though (using the "Flight Simulator" mode) the trails/runs you’ve been on. The great thing is that I have lots of previous tracks\routes saves from my earlier GPS and now I can view and shows others the great places I have been with the real 3D terrain, mountains, and lakes all in view!

I know I have several friends who have GPS, ride, ski, hike, etc and would love to know about this too. So I will be sending this post to many of them. I’m really looking forward to this year’s riding season and tracking some of the amazing trailing and places in Colorado, Utah, and Wyoming.

Here’s some of my data: (I’ll be keeping this files updates moving forward)

Related Info:
SPOT – GPS Tracking, messaging, and 911 service and locater: – $99/year

Garmin eTrex Vista HCx

Google Earth

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