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900 miles around CO for ~$2,800K

Post about trip before leaving: “Heading out on my CO dual-sport adventure” Well I got back Sunday night around 7PM after doing 877 miles around CO.  Unfortunately this adventure is going to cost me close to $3K.  The bike slid … Continue reading

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Heading out on my CO dual-sport adventure

It’s been a busy last few days, had our annual July 4th block party on Sunday and ended up going to bed about 4AM.  It rained later in the evening and most of the party moved to my house, where … Continue reading

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Pikes Peak Hill Climb and Shadow of Rockies ride finalized

Related post: 7/11/2010: https://blog.jasonsherry.net/2010/07/11/900-miles-around-co-for-2800k/ 7/7/2010: https://blog.jasonsherry.net/2010/07/07/heading-out-on-my-co-dual-sport-adventure/ Spoke to my buddy from Atlanta, who is riding with his brother and two other friends from MS to AK, then one friend is turning back in AK, and the other three are continuing to Trinidad, … Continue reading

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We are so small

Check out this YouTube video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oAVjF_7ensg The Hubble Ultra Deep Field in 3D Click the HD option and view this full screen

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Crested Butte – July 2009

Last weekend, 7/17 – 7/19, I joined Dave, Jodie and their family for a camping\riding trip near Crested Butte\Taylor Park. I had planned on leaving on the 16th but by the time I got done getting my bike ready it … Continue reading

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Weekend of wheels

Saturday I went out dirt bike riding with six people from the NCTR club members near Albany, WY.  This turned out to be a very treacherous ride.  The ride was planned for 60 miles but I ended up having to … Continue reading

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Google Earth, MapSource, and a GPS

Update 5/24/09: Created this GPS Wiki page with more info Original post 4/5/09:I just recently got a new GPS, Garmin eTrex Vista HCx, while there is nothing too spectacular about this GPS it met my criteria. The criteria were mainly … Continue reading

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