W7 SP1 Beta & Internet Explorer 9 Beta installed

11/4: Don’t recommend installing IE9 beta currently
Just installed Windows 7 SP1 Beta & Internet Explorer 9 Beta (they don’t require each other btw) and all seems good, so far. I’ll update this post if\when I come across any issues.
OWA for Exchange 2010, SharePoint 2007, and SharePoint 2010 pages seem to load fine and quicker.
The few pages I have tested so far come up quicker and my add-ons (Norton Internet Security, StumbleUpon, & ieSpell) seem to be working
Running Windows 7 x64 w/ SP1 beta & IE 9 beta
11/4 Update
Looks like Stumble was the main cause of crashes, now have NIS & Google only loaded and have only had a few crashes since the 12th.
Some website won’t redirect or display the vast majority of content correctly. Even in compatibly mode some have issues still.
IE9 is faster then 8 but still to buggy to recommend to daily use at this time. I removed it today due to website rendering issues.
10/12 Update
Seeing a few layout and web page formatting issues. Mainly where a graphic overlays text or another graphic were it shouldn’t. Some ads on Facebook do this.
SharePoint 2007 seems to be working almost 100%, but if I click on a file it now prompts me if I want to Open, Save, Cancel but not all of the time.
Still seeing a few crashes with IE, but these started before I upgraded to 9. I assume it’s a plug-in, only have NIS, Google, & Stumble so need to disable all 3 and see if it still crashes.
More info here:
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