Looking for someone to mentor & train in the Microsoft Infrastructure area

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I’m looking for someone to mentor & train in the Microsoft Infrastructure area, mainly Exchange, Active Directory, SharePoint, and scripting that lives in the Denver area. I could use a technical assistant for many things, like doc review, data gathering, Word and Excel work, and more.

Must be VERY proficient with Windows and preferably with Excel and Word. Some experience with Exchange, AD, SharePoint, Windows networking (TCP/IP), and scripting would be a major bonus, but not required. Must be a self-learned, ie be happy to go off and research and try things out on your own time. Must live in the Denver area and be willing to work from my condo in Denver, at least initially. I do 95% of my work remote and once you are up to speed you can do the same.

You will be assisting me on some projects and with personal items. If you have a resume great, send it to me (izzy@izzy.org) if you are fresh out of or in High School or college and don’t that’s fine too.


You will be paid via 1099, this means you will need to claim this income on taxes and I’ll be claiming you as an contractor/expense.

Depending upon your skills, $20-50/hr or more if you have really good skills and I can delegate tasks to you.

Hours: 4-12 initally

Technology you will be working with

A lot:

Microsoft Office – Mainly Word, Excel, and Outlook
Microsoft Exchange 2003-2010
Microsoft Windows 2003-2008 Networking & DNS
Microsoft Active Directory
Remote Desktop software
VPN software


Microsoft SharePoint 2007-2010

Mint.com (Personal finance tracking website)

Freshbooks.com (Business time tracking and website)

WordPress.com (Blog website, need to move my blog from SharePoint to Word Press)

Microsoft Windows 2003-2008 DHCP, DFS, file sharing,

Must Have Experience

Microsoft Windows

Love technology and learning new things

Microsoft Word & Excel

Nice to Haves Experience

Active Directory



Microsoft Outlook


Networking and TCP/IP

Things that you will be doing

Learning about Microsoft Infrastructure, Exchange, AD, and SharePoint

Connecting to remote machines to collect data

Processing and analyzing collected data using Excel

Setting up and analyzing performance counters

Review design, implementation, and transition/migration documents

Tracking your time and reporting on your time and mine

Assisting me with some persona data classification work

Migrating my blogs from SharePoint to Word Press

Setting up IIS redirects for old blog URLs to new ones

Carrying out Health Checks on client environments

When you are working on tasks I assign to you or we are spending time together going over technology you will be paid/on the clock. If I give you homework (not for a client or me)/research/reading items or you do research on your own this will not be paid.

If you want to know more about me goto: jasonsherry.org

About jasonsherry

I am a 20 year Exchange consultant and expert. I currently work for Commvault as a Solutions Specialist for Microsoft Infrastructure For more info see my resume at: http://resume.jasonsherry.org
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