Exchange 2010 SP3 is out! (Also 2007 SP3 UR10)

Updates 2/12: I made multiple updates to this post today. Added Exchange 2007 SP3 UR10 info, full set of links at the bottom, and links to some other people’s articles on these updates.

Exchange 2010 SP3 adds support for Exchange 2013 CU1. So 1st you need to wait until Exchange 2013 CU1, schedule for Q1 2013,  to come out to install 2013 into an existing 2007/2010 organization. While you wait for that, you can upgrade all of your 2010 servers to SP3 and 2007 servers to SP3 UR10.

This is probally a good thing given the current state of Exchange 2013 RTM. For more on this topic see what Tony Redmond has to say on it here: Is Exchange 2013 ready for the datacenter?.

For an update on the new update model\process, or “CUs” aka Cumulative Updates, with Exchange 2013 see this EHLO blog post: Servicing Exchange 2013. We, Exchange MVPs and Admins, are really hoping this new model fixes the quality issues we have seen with the Exchange 2010 updates. For thoughts on this see Paul Robichaux post.

For what’s new in 2010 SP3 see this TechNet article: What’s New in Exchange 2010 SP3 or the EHLO post: Released: Update Rollup 6 for Exchange Server 2010 SP2 and Exchange 2007 SP3 RU10. The big items are Exchange 2013 co-existence  and Windows Server 2012 support.

Exchange 2010 SP2 RU6 was also released yesterday, download it from here:

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6 Responses to Exchange 2010 SP3 is out! (Also 2007 SP3 UR10)

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  2. We have to still wait for Exchange 2013 CU1 to get release before bringing onto production.


  3. Did you miss that you have to have Exchange 2013 CU1 for co-existence, even with 2010 SP3?


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