How to edit your contact info in OWA

I’ve had a couple of users, in the environment I host for friends & family, ask me how to change their contact info in the GAL. After doing some searching I was unable to find a good article on this topic, which surprised me. I’m sure after posting this I will get comments to ones I didn’t find, but in searching on “edit contact info in owa exchange” and several other variants of this I didn’t find a blog post or article on this, at least on the first two pages of hits.

By default in Exchange 2010 and higher users have the ability to edit their contact. This can be disabled, I did find a good article by Michel de Rooij on this topic:

The easiest solution is to tell users to goto and once they login to OWA they will be taken to the edit contact info page in Exchange 2010 or 2013.

To get to this page from OWA and its menus is pretty easy, if you don’t know where to look. Of course if you know the URL, which I didn’t since I rarely use OWA, or don’t do end user support, you could setup a URL to redirect to the correct URL.

For Exchange 2010

1)      Login into OWA
2)      In the upper right, under your name, choose Options\See All Options…EX12-See-All

3)      Then click Edit to the lower right of the “Account Information…” area, which will show your name, e-mail, contact numbers
4)      Click Contact Location to change your address
5)      Then click Save

For Exchange 2013

1)      In OWA, in the upper right hand corner click the little gear and choose Options
2)      On the options\account page in the middle at the bottom click Edit information

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