Exchange 2016 Preview is out!

Quick post, plan on coming out with a What’s New & Cool post when I can find some time.

Just posted to the Exchange Team blog here: Below is a summary of the content from this EHLO Blog post

You can download Exchange 2016 preview here and see the introduction to Exchange 2016 from Ignite here.

Here some key changes & new features in 2016

  1. Simplified architecture -> Only one role
    • In most environment it was recommended to deploy all-in-one servers starting with Exchange 2013 and now this is the only option. Check out this Exchange 2016 architecture overview by Ross Smith for more details
  2. Improved reliability
    • Failovers are now 33% faster than 2013, part of this is due changes in how the passive node works
    • Passive node will use the local DB copies to perform index updates, this reduces network overhead by 40% and decreases failover time
    • Replay Lag Manager is enabled by default, see this great blog post by Tony Redmond: The underappreciated Exchange Replay Lag Manager. This feature is in 2013, but disabled by default
  3. Faster and improved search
    • Multiple changes have been made to significantly improve server side search performance
    • Outlook 2016, even when in cached mode, will also utilized the server side search to improve Outlook search performance
    • The search UI in both OWA and Outlook 2016 has been made more intuitive and search results are influenced based on people you communicate with, your mailbox content, and search history
  4. OWA – Outlook Web App improvements
    • There is a big focus to make OWA work across the many different devices and form factors out there and it shows in 2016
    • New features include: Sweep, Pin, Undo, inline reply, ability to propose new time for meeting invites, a new single-line inbox view, improved HTML rendering, better formatting controls, ability to paste inline images, new themes, and emojis, to name a few
  5. Auto-expanding archives
    • For users who have VERY large archiving mailboxes, when they hit 100GB Exchange 2016 will automatically deploy auxiliary archive mailboxes 50GB at a time. These additional mailboxes will all be merged into one from a client perspective, similar to the way modern Public Folders work in Exchange 2013 and higher
  6. Enhanced Data Loss Prevention (DLP)
    • Building on the DLP support in Exchange 2013, 30 new sensitive information types have been added
    • DLP can now be configured in transport using a 3rd party classification system
  7. Faster and more scalable eDiscovery
    • Building on the overhaul of the search architecture to support asynchronous and distributing the work across multiple servers results will be returned much faster
    • Public Folder support added, including for retention hold
    • Unlimited mailboxes searches, via cmdlet, are also supported now
  8. Hybrid improvements
    • Support has been improved in multiple ways
  9. Greater extensibility
    •  Both Outlook desktop and OWA both support a better Add-In model

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