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How to fix expired Office 365 Pro Plus license issue

So starting a week or so ago I have several friends\family, whom I provided Office 365 license and support for tell me Outlook was telling them their license was going to expire soon. They were all setup with Office 365 … Continue reading

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30 Short questions and tips for Outlook 2013

Just came across this article when trying to figure out how to make “Pop out” the default in Outlook 2013. There were a few other things I ended up change too. So if you are running Outlook 2013 check out … Continue reading

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What’s New and Cool in Exchange 2013

10/1/15: Exchange 2016 is out now! What’s New and Cool in Exchange 2016 post 2/12/13 Update: Exchange 2010 SP3 is out, which provides support for Exchange 2013 CU1. Read more here: https://blog.jasonsherry.net/2013/02/12/exchange-2010-sp3-is-out/ 1/8/13 Update: What’s NOT cool in Exchange 2013: See … Continue reading

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Using Notes in Outlook and Exchange 2010 retention policies?

If your organization does, than it might run into an issue with Note items either disappearing or being moved to the archive mailbox of a user unexpectedly. In order to see these issues a few Exchange 2010 pre-requisites must be … Continue reading

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How network latency affects Outlook 2010

Just came across Neil Johnson’s blog the other day with his great post on how network latency affects the performance of Outlook 2010. He has several other good post too, he is also an Microsoft Exchange Certified Master and works … Continue reading

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Outlook 2010 social connectors released for Facebook & Live

Microsoft posted new social connectors for Outlook 2010 this month for Facebook & Microsoft Live.  MySpace & LinkedIn were already supported. Both x86 & x64 version have been posted Facebook Live Messenger More details here http://blogs.office.com/b/office_blog/archive/2010/07/13/connect-to-facebook-and-windows-live-with-the-outlook-social-connector.aspx

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Fix for loss of access to personal archive in Outlook 2010 RTM

The initial set of keys used on MSDN\TechNet for Office 2010 Pro removed support for accessing the personal archive feature in Outlook\Exchange 2010.   Microsoft release a new set of keys on 4/30 that fix this issue.  So you will … Continue reading

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