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Weekend of wheels

Saturday I went out dirt bike riding with six people from the NCTR club members near Albany, WY.  This turned out to be a very treacherous ride.  The ride was planned for 60 miles but I ended up having to … Continue reading

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A few sexy things to an Uber Geek

I See Your Petaflop and Raise You 19 More Super computer capiable of 10 petaflops with 1.6 million processing cores, 1.6 petabytes of memory, 96 racks and 98,304 computing nodes.   Tela’s Model S (Sedan) The Model S will have … Continue reading

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Where did my nickname “Izzy” from?

When I lived in Atlanta (94 – 00) I had a lot of people ask me if my nick name (Izzy) came from the Olympic mascot for the ’96 games.  It did not! This stupid Olympic mascot actually “won” worst … Continue reading

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Got to love corporate influenced politics…

I friend of mine, Glenn Deans from Atlanta, forwarded this to me, asking me why I didn’t ask Steve Ballmer about this last week at the MVP Summit. 🙂   Anyways this post "The Norway Vote – What really happened" … Continue reading

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Looking for my resume?

 Goto: http://jasonsherry.org  

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Looking for my blog?

I host it on my own server goto: http://jasonsherry.net or http://izzy.org/blog 5/1/2012 Update: Now moved to WordPress here: blog.jasonsherry.net

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