Mimosa Exchange Expert chat log posted

Update 1/13: Added link to next chat sign-up page:

On December 17th, 2008, Mimosa hosted their 1st Exchange MVP/Expert Tech Chat.  This technical chat was open to anyone and questions were answered by Pat Richard, Steve Bryant, Martin Tuip, and myself (Jason Sherry).  All four of us were Exchange MVPs in 2008, have been working with Exchange since the pre-Exchange days, and agreed this was a great event to help the community.  Over 370 people joined in and over 200 questions were answered during the chat, or afterwards for those that required a bit of research.  This chat session has so successful Mimosa has decided to try to do this on a quarterly basis.  The next one is planned for 1/21, goto this link to sign up: http://www.mimosasystems.com/TechChatJan09.

The questions covered everything from Exchange Architecture, virtualization, eDiscovery, disaster recovery, archiving, Mimosa NearPoint, PSTs, and several other Exchange topics.  The Q&A chat log can be viewed here: http://www.mimosasystems.com/mimosachatlogs/mimosa_exchange_techchat.htm.  Due to volume and format of the chat we had to answer the questions as quickly as possible and keep our responses fairly short.  Please forgive us for any typos, spelling, or other errors.  If you see any technical errors in the chat log please e-mail me (JSherry@mimosasystems.nospam.com) and I will try to get them corrected in the chat log.

If you are interested in attending our next Exchange Experts chat, please start off by reviewing the chat log from the previous one to see if your questions might have already been answered and to get an idea of the type of Q&A that will occur.  Then, keep an eye on our website or this blog post.  Once we have the data set for the next one, I will update this blog post with a link to register for the chat.

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