Sirius Playlist search and more!

For those that have satellite radio I know you love it as much as I do.  But it bugged I could not more info or lookup who played something since I was in the car.
Well know, not sure how long it’s been up, there is a website that gives you search, scheduled/guild of what’s playing.  It also integrates with the Sirius Radio web player.  From the Guide you can choose which station you want to listen to and it will change the player for you.  Finally it has several saved searches, like most played song per channel.  Jethro Tull owns Classic Vinyl this week, 693 spins/plays verses Beatles with only 78 spins this week 🙂
On the negative side the web design is pretty poor and they are funded by Ads.
Check out
You can even filter out what channels you don’t like, something I wish I could do on my radio.
Curious which direction the satellite are in or where the closes radio repeater is, go here:
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