MVP Summit 2009

This year was another GREAT MVP Summit. Microsoft really goes all out for the MVPs to make this event one of the most content filled events in their areas of expertise. Now my experience might be a little different than others since I’m in one of the best MVP groups, Exchange J The Exchange product group dedicated four full days of deep technical content with senior members of the group, who gave great sessions and did a lot of Q&A. I went to all of the Exchange sessions, over 10 total, and the amount of detail that is shared about the upcoming release, Exchange "14", (which is almost "old news" to Microsoft) and some ideas\concepts for future release was outstanding. You can tell Microsoft really values our input "from the field" and our honest (sometimes brutally) responses we provide.

I know all of the Exchange MVPs who made it to the Summit cannot say Thank You enough to Microsoft! There were 700 sessions, a great party at the EMP, hotels were covered, breakfast & lunch, dinner one night, and free beer. What else could a geek want! It’s a real honor be one of the ~4,000 MVP worldwide and one of the 124 Exchange MVPs.

Microsoft covered a lot of info at the keynotes about Windows 7 (I’ve been running it for about a month), Windows 2008 R2 (did you know it was only going to be x64?), Window Azure (Windows in the "cloud"), and some forward think was provided by Steve Ballmer (if you’re a geek and haven’t seen Steve speak your missing out).

The only negative… well the 1st rule of MVP club is you can’t talk about MVP club… Almost all of the info is under very strict NDA. I’ve started posting what little public info I can on my blog, Exchange posts. So check back or get an RSS feed of it.

Post from MVP Summit 2008

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