SharePoint History

For those that didn’t know SharePoint has been around since 2001.  The 1st "real" version of SharePoint was based on the Exchange 2000 ESE database engine, instead of SQL.  The version was code named "Tahoe"
SharePoint 2003 brought in the WYSWIG HTML editing interface.  This version had alot of features that were fairly easy to use but very powerful.  This was the first version of SharePoint I really started working with.
SharePoint 2007 brought in an additional slew of features, many of which I still haven’t used today.
I haven’t been keeping up on the plans for SharePoint 2010 but I’m VERY much looking forward to it.
See this Microsoft SharePoint Team blog on SharePoint History, 1st of three, for more information.  They will be posting more information there as we get closer to the start of the 10/19 – 10/29 SharePoint Conference
For more info on SharePoint 2010 go here:
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