Exchange 2010 is out and so is the Storage Calculator for it!

Exchange 2010 RTM has been posted (download here and from MSDN) as 11/9/2009!
I’ve been running it in a limited fashion since Aug and testing the betas since April.  Exchange 2010 is a MAJOR update completely changes the thinking around high availability and scalability.
Other blog posts on 2010:
Been too busy lately to work on articles or detailed posts on it, but hope to find some time in the next month or so.
Once I get new SSL certs I will be removing my last 2007 server and be 100% on 2010.  My 2010 servers will be running on four (2 CAS/HT & 2 MBX) HyperV VMs, on two different servers to provide HA. 
DigiCert’s, best place to get your SSL certificates!, Exchange 2010 PowerShell CSR (certificate) request wizard:
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