Known Issues with Exchange 2013 SP1

5/23/14 2013 SP1 CU5 released:

Last updated: 4/14/14

  1. Important: 3/4 Transport server doesn’t start after upgrade and some products that use Transport Agents don’t work
  2. Important: When building a DAG cmdlet will fail if NetBIOS and AD short domain name don’t match – 4/14/2014
    • From this FB post:
      • In Exchange 2013 SP1, when building a DAG, you will see issues with Set-DAG and Add/Remove-DatabaseAvailabilityGroupServer cmdlets if your Domain NETBIOS name is not equal your AD short name, eg NETBIOS name is “FOO”, and your domain name is “bar.contoso.local”. Both cmdlets will terminate with a Dr Watson. The DAG will still build fine, except for the FSW resource – there will be no FSW assigned to the DAG. We already have a FIU you can request through PSS, or create the FSW manually as a temporary workaround.
    • Work around: Manually create the FSW, contact PSS for fix, wait for public fix
  3. Minor: “Ceres” Search Foundation install error
    • From Paul Robichaux’s blog post
      • “When deploying the RTM build of Exchange 2013 SP1, I found that one of my servers was throwing an error I hadn’t seen before during installation”
  4. Minor: Default apps in Outlook Web App do not work if Exchangeis installed in Window Server 2012R2
    • From KB2938292 posted on 3/19/2014
      • “When you install Microsoft Exchange Server 2013 on a Window Server 2012 R2-based computer, default”
      • This issue will be fixed in Exchange Server 2013 Cumulative Update 5
    • Work around: Edit the web.config and add the following line to the “<appSettings> section:
      UseLegacyRequestUrlGeneration” value=”true”/>
      • 3/25: A peer of mine is working on a blog post with more details and I will post a link to it when he post it.

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