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FIXED in iOS 11.0.1: DO NOT Upgrade to iOS 11, if using Apple Mail & Exchange Online or Outlook.com

New iOS version breaks Exchange access, again Continue reading

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URGENT: Hold off on deploying Exchange 2016 on Windows 2016

Exchange 2016 CU3 was the 1st version of Exchange supported on Windows 2016 when it was released on 9/20/2016 [Exchange 2013 & 2016 quarterly updates out]. This was a minor update, biggest changes are the support for Windows 2016 and indexing … Continue reading

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Warning: KB3002657 can break authentication, with Exchange and other apps & devices

Last Updated: 3/17/15: Microsoft added this note to the MS15-027 post V2.0 (March 16, 2015): To address a connectivity issue with update 3002657 when installed on supported editions of Windows Server 2003, Microsoft released update 3002657-v2 for all supported editions of … Continue reading

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Exchange 2013 CU7, 2010 SP3 UR8, 2007 SP3 UR15 released & Known Issues

3/17/15 Update: 2013 CU8, 2010 SP3 UR9, & 2007 Sp3 UR16 released 12/30 Updated: Added a known issue with 2013 CU7 EDGE and two known issues from CU5 & CU6 that still exist in CU7. 12/12 Update: Exchange SP3 UR8 … Continue reading

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Known Issues with Exchange 2013 SP1

5/23/14 2013 SP1 CU5 released: https://blog.jasonsherry.net/2014/05/28/exchange-2010-sp3-ur6-and-2013-cu5-released/ Last updated: 4/14/14 Important: 3/4 Transport server doesn’t start after upgrade and some products that use Transport Agents don’t work Issue is related to an XML file getting updated incorrect during the install of SP1 SP1 introduced a badly … Continue reading

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New Exchange security updates (MS13-105) released as RUs for 2007, 2010, and SUs for 2013

Today Microsoft is releasing security updates for Exchange 2007 SP3, 2010 SP2, 2010 SP3, 21013 CU2, & 2013 CU3 for MS13-105. For Exchange 2007 SP3 & 2010 SP2 these are included in the latest Rollup Updates. For Exchange 2013 Microsoft is following the updates … Continue reading

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Exchange 2013: Transport Service & Transport Submission service fail to start fix

Ran into this issue in my lab which started some point AFTER installing CU2. Things were working after installing CU2, but as of today the “Microsoft Exchange Transport” and “Microsoft Exchange Mailbox Transport Submission” server would not start. On startup … Continue reading

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Don’t move your PF mailboxes after upgrading to Exchange 2013 CU2! (FIXED)

7/29/13 Update: Microsoft pulled CU2 a couple of days ago and release CUv2 (but it doesn’t say this anywhere). The new build of CU2 is 15.00.0712.024. Download it here! More details here: https://blog.jasonsherry.net/2013/07/29/exchange-2013-cu2v2-build-712-024-released/ I’ve updated this blog post with a bit … Continue reading

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Exchange 2013 RTM CU2 released (Again on 7/29) & Known Issues

12/4/13 Update: Exchange 2013 CU3 is now out and I’ve started a new Known Issues list on it here: http://wp.me/p1qPTK-be 11/25/13 Update: Exchange 2010 SP3 RU2 release: https://blog.jasonsherry.net/2013/11/25/exchange-2010-sp3-ru3-2013-cu3-release/ (I will move my “Known Issues” list to this blog post once I have some to list) 7/29/13 Update: Microsoft … Continue reading

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Exchange 2010 SP3 RU1 is out

Quick post, more to come later once I have it installed and tested. EHLO Blog post: Released: Update Rollup 1 for Exchange 2010 SP3 Download SP3 RU1 I’ve updated my list of “Known Exchange 2010 SP3” issues, RU1 fixes one of … Continue reading

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