Exchange 2013 CU7, 2010 SP3 UR8, 2007 SP3 UR15 released & Known Issues

3/17/15 Update: 2013 CU8, 2010 SP3 UR9, & 2007 Sp3 UR16 released

12/30 Updated: Added a known issue with 2013 CU7 EDGE and two known issues from CU5 & CU6 that still exist in CU7.
12/12 Update: Exchange SP3 UR8 v2 (14.03.0224.002) released, Download here
12/10 Update #2: Exchange 2010 SP3 UR8 pulled due to MAPI RPC bug. Do NOT install UR8 v1 on Exchange 2008.
12/10 Update: 1st known issue added, for 2010 UR8

Microsoft released the latest round of updates today. As always, many updates were included and this round included security update for MS14-075, which can be downloaded for 2013 SP1/CU5 & 2013 CU6 if you just want to apply this security update and not 2013 CU7 now. This latest round was delayed due to some issues found with the install process, see Tony Redmond’s post on this here and a short post on the EHLO blog here for more info.

Microsoft Exchange Team EHLO Blog Post: Exchange releases: December 2014
Tony Redmond’s: Exchange 2013 CU7 debuts along with security fixes and updates for Exchange 2010 and Exchange 2007

2013 CU7                     Download | KB2986485
2010 SP3 UR8           Download v2 | KB2986475
2007 SP3 UR15         Download | KB2996150

Microsoft Exchange Team EHLO Blog Post: Exchange releases: December 2014

Key updates:

  • 2013: Support for Public Folder Hierarchies with up to 250,000 folders
  • 2013: Improved OAB distribution in larger environments
  • 2013: Important updates to backup
  • 2013: AD Schema update
  • 2013: Updates to backup code

If your organization is still using Public Folder and coexisting with Exchange 2007 or 2010 make sure you read this EHLO Blog post: On-Premises Legacy Public Folder Coexistence for Exchange 2013 Cumulative Update 7 and Beyond

There were some changes with the backup code\API in the 2013 CU7 update, therefore it is highly recommended that you do a full backup after installing CU7. In addition, you should test your backup AND recovery procedures and programs to ensure they are still working as expected after applying CU7. The changes affect the ESE database engine that can cause restores to fail.

Note: For those organizations running Exchange in a Hybrid configuration with Exchange Online (EXO)/Office 365 or using Exchange Online Archiving (EOA) you are required to deploy the most current updates.

This blog post will be updated to include links to other blogs and KBs as they come out about these releases. I will also add a Known Issues section once I have some items to add.

For Known Issues on 2013 CU6 see this blog post:

Known Issues

For 2013 CU7

  • Unable to install 2013 Edge role on a domain joined server
  • Microsoft Exchange Health Manager service stops
    • For more details and resolution see KB3017629
    • This issue 1st appeared in CU5
  • Safety Net hold time settings are not synced to Exchange Server 2013 Edge
    • For more details and workaround see KB3019650
    • This issue 1st appeared in CU6

For 2010 SP3 UR8

None have come to my attention yet for 2007 or 2013 updates… For Known Issues with the previous round of updates see:

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6 Responses to Exchange 2013 CU7, 2010 SP3 UR8, 2007 SP3 UR15 released & Known Issues

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  4. Stefaan says:

    We are migrating from Exch2007 to Exch2013; we started our initial installation with CU6.
    We migrated about 10 mailboxes and that worked quite well; the existing Outlook2010&2013 profiles were updated automatically.
    We did have to put our migration on halt in October 2014 because of the well known CU6 co-existence bugs (database dismounts).
    Last week we migrated to CU7 and the co-existence problems are solved.

    The problem is that we now are confronted to a new issue with CU7 when migrating mailboxes.
    Outlook 2010 client profiles are adapted automatically so everything ok.
    But Outlook 2013 client profiles are no longer adapted after mailbox migration !
    Restarting the client pc makes no difference (Trying to connect … disconnected)
    Re-creating a new outlook profile solves the problem but is simple not feasable in our migration.

    But what is very strange is that restarting the Exchange Server solves the “Outlook 2013 client connecting with existing profile”. Of course it is pratically impossible to restart the Exch Server after each mailbox migration. I have no clue why “restarting the exhange server” solves the Outlook client issue.

    Is any of you in the same situation (migrating Exch2007 mailboxes to Exch 2013 CU7)?
    Any ideas / suggestions ?

    Many thanks in advance


  5. jasonsherry says:

    Sorry Stefaan, but blog comments aren’t a productive way to try to resolve an issue. I’ve seen several odd issues with Exchange 2013 and Outlook 2013 & 2010 profiles. I suggest contacting PSS or posting your issue to the TechNet forums here:


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