Why I hate United Part 2

Well after 3 months I still haven’t gotten a refund for almost $1,500 of plane tickets purchased for my family over the x-mas holiday.  The Denver airport was closed down due to a storm and my mom, niece, brother, and my brothers fiancé couldn’t get it.  My mom and niece got stuck in Chicago for two days and then ended up flying home.
I just spent a half an hour on the phone with United and after asking to speak to a manager 3 times I finally got someone who said they could get a credit issued on 2 of the 4 tickets ($800).  The 1st person kept telling me I had to call Expedia and then they said I needed to call Frontier since the return ticket was on Frontier, but I had already called Expedia and Frontier and was told by both that United was the carried that owned these tickets and would be the one to issue a refund.
As for the other two tickets, where my mom an niece got stranded in Chicago for two days, I was told I needed to call the refunds dept.  I have tried to do this four times since Jan.  In Jan I did get though and was told I will be issued a refund.  Since then, and today, all I get is a busy signal after going through their automated menu system.  I tried calling customer service but they had a recording that said “Due to the very high call volume you will need to call back later “.
God I HATE UNITED! (Link to related post)
Update: 8/13/07
Just called back in for the fifth time on this issue.  Last time I called was in April, wa told then the case would be sent to their “corresponds team” and I should be contacted in 2-3 weeks.  Well I wasn’t and I forgot until now.  So I called back in and was told they would re-transfer the ticket to the “corresponds team” and to check back in 2-3 weeks.  This is after the agent tried to argue with me and said I am only eligible for a credit for the Chicago to Denver leg since my mom and niece used the Greensboro to Chicago legs of the tickets.  To which I told him I didn’t by a ticket to Chicago for them, I bought them a ticket to Denver, which they never got to.  He said again I would have to wait to see what the corresponds team says.

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