Letter to United – Still trying to get a refund from Dec 2006

This letter was sent to United on 8/13.

See early BLOG post for more info:
Why I Hate United – Part 2
Why I Hate United

I have been trying to get a credit on ticket #s 0161562673648 and 0161562673647 since December.  My mother and my niece were scheduled to fly into Denver from Greensboro, NC on 12/20/06 via Chicago.  The Denver airport was shut down that day and for several days more due to weather.  My mom and niece were left in Chicago for two days while I tried to get a hold of United, as I’m sure you are aware all phone lines were busy during this period.  When I finally got a hold of United, on the 22nd, they said the earliest they could get my family in would be 12/27/07, the day after they needed to be back in Greensboro.  Since this date wouldn’t work they said they could book them on a flight back to Greensboro later that day.  Since this was our only option I had them flow back to Greensboro.  I was told to call the refunds department to get a credit for their flights.

Since then I have called the refunds department countless time and normally get a busy single or get disconnected.  I was finally able to get though in March and was told that since they used the GSO – ORD leg I couldn’t get a credit back for that part of the ticket.  I told the agent I didn’t buy my family a ticket to Chicago, I bought them a ticket to Denver.  Because they were left in Chicago for two days and my elderly mother doesn’t have a cell phone I had to spend $300 having a limo\town car company track them down in the airport and then another $200 on a hotel for them.  So it cost me an addition $500 to have my family standard in Chicago for two days.

I FULLY expect a FULL refund for both the fares for Ellen Ward (0161562673647) and Autumn Ward (0161562673648), $299.70 each or $599.40 total.

The agent back in March said she would transfer the issue to the “correspondence team” and they would contact me in 3-4 weeks.  I never heard anything back.

I realized today that I still haven’t received a credit or heard back from the correspondence team.  Therefore, I called the refund department again.  This person said the issues was transferred to the correspondence team and said they could transfer it again.  They then proceeded to argue with me that I am only eligible for a refund for the ORD – DEN leg of the trip.  I of course relayed the same info I stated above to this person.  He said he would re-transfer it again.

I have now spent many hours trying to get this credit back and know for a fact that United as the WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE OF ANY AIRLINE!  I have flow over 600K miles on Delta, 240K on Continental, 68K on Frontier, and many others airlines.  If United does not refund this money I will not only refuse to fly United again I will make sure I relay to everyone in my field, where I work with multiple Fortune 100 companies, about how poor of an airline United in.  I have already had my company removed United from our preferred airlines list and we now even allow up to $200 fare difference on other airlines due to the poor service myself and others have had with United.

Thank you for your time and I expect to be contacted,

Jason Sherry

About Jason Sherry

I am a ~30 year Exchange consultant and expert. I currently work for Commvault as a Solutions Specialist for Microsoft Infrastructure For more info see my resume at: http://resume.jasonsherry.org
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