Still HATE united

Just got off the phone with them, after being on it for 1.25 hours trying to get a refund for the tickets I purchased for my mom in niece for x-mas of this year.
Kept getting the run around even after speaking to managers, who I had to ask for 6 times!  Finally got a supervisor in customer relations department to offer me a vouchers for the amount, but I refused and said I demand a credit back to my CC.  He told me only the refunds dept can do that, who I already talked to twice.  So I asked him to stay on the phone and bring them on.
Well they closed at 4:30 CST time!  So I will have to start the process over again now!
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I am a ~30 year Exchange consultant and expert. I currently work for Commvault as a Solutions Specialist for Microsoft Infrastructure For more info see my resume at:
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4 Responses to Still HATE united

  1. Paul Lemonidis says:

    What exactly has this to with MS Exchange?


    • jasonsherry says:

      Nothing, but my blog isn’t only about Exchange, 95% of it is. United just came up in a conversation I was having and I never copied over the blog posts from my SharePoint 2007 based blog to this WordPress one. So I just copied them over, backdating them as I’ve done others, so I could refer people to these posts on this blog site.


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  3. jasonsherry says:

    Note the tagline on my blog “Spanning Microsoft, Technology, Travel, Music and Life.” I’ve just haven’t had much time to write on non-Microsoft stuff. I used to write up blog post after festivals and shows, which I’ve been to over 800 so far, but it takes time 🙂


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