People tracking apps

I had a friend send me a location tracking request from Find My Friends for the iPhone. This app lets you see and optionally share you location with your friends in real-time.

I had already been using Google Latitude to do this with a couple of friends. These type of apps are good for tracking love ones and family in real time, if so choose to. Saves the call\txt of “Where are you at.”

After linking up with 3 people I can say Google Latitude is a bit better. Latitude lets you set how specific your location is shared on per friend basis: Exact, city level, manual, or not shared. Find My Friends only lets you add or remove friends, no per friend level sharing controls.

So if you want to hide location or trick people into thinking your somewhere else (manual location set) Latitude is the better app. The iOS 5 requirement is really the biggest issue. Latitude supports Droid, iPhone, BB, Nokia, and Windows Mobile.

I won’t be surprised if foursquare or Facebook at some point adds real-time location update support.

Feel free to send me a tracking request to either at

Warning: Don’t use either app if cheating 🙂

For iPhone apps I recommend see:

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