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We are so small

Check out this YouTube video: The Hubble Ultra Deep Field in 3D Click the HD option and view this full screen

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Crested Butte – July 2009

Last weekend, 7/17 – 7/19, I joined Dave, Jodie and their family for a camping\riding trip near Crested Butte\Taylor Park. I had planned on leaving on the 16th but by the time I got done getting my bike ready it … Continue reading

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Weekend of wheels

Saturday I went out dirt bike riding with six people from the NCTR club members near Albany, WY.  This turned out to be a very treacherous ride.  The ride was planned for 60 miles but I ended up having to … Continue reading

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Google Earth, MapSource, and a GPS

Update 5/24/09: Created this GPS Wiki page with more info Original post 4/5/09:I just recently got a new GPS, Garmin eTrex Vista HCx, while there is nothing too spectacular about this GPS it met my criteria. The criteria were mainly … Continue reading

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Where did “Izzy” from from

When I lived in Atlanta (94 – 00) I had alot of people ask me if my nick name (Izzy) came from the Olympic mascot for the ’96 games.  It did not.   This stupid Olympic mascot actually "won" worst … Continue reading

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Still HATE united

Just got off the phone with them, after being on it for 1.25 hours trying to get a refund for the tickets I purchased for my mom in niece for x-mas of this year.   Kept getting the run around … Continue reading

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Letter to United – Still trying to get a refund from Dec 2006

This letter was sent to United on 8/13. See early BLOG post for more info: Why I Hate United – Part 2 Why I Hate United I have been trying to get a credit on ticket #s 0161562673648 and 0161562673647 … Continue reading

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